MatchboxMedia screening in Ribeira da Barca

Just outside our window, Jordie and Gabriel return from filming at sea. Fishermen launch their wooden boats just next to our house, which is filled with nets and fishing gear.
We showed a video of Ze playing football for a Swedish team in a bar by the square, and Mirco realized his dream of fresh lobster dinner, provided by Ze’s nephew.
Jordie makes grog cocktails during a blackout, and Ze’s brother Yuku scrubs with a fish net. The quiet pace of village life continues undisturbed by our presence.


Informazioni su francescatosarelli

Francesca Tosarelli is born in 1984. She has been living in Brasil, Italy and the UK. After a degree in History of Arts and a Master in Photography she has been working as assistant photographer for Shobha (a Contrasto reporter) in Sicily, Thailand and India. In 2010 she began her experience as freelance photographer and she's now working with Matchbox Media Collective.
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