Here we are again!

Hello everybody, sorry for my silence. I’ve been following a long story in Congo for 4 months. Before that period of time in the field I was in Italy, studying. I was doing a wide research about an undercovered topic: female fighters in African wars, more specifically in Congolese rebel groups..
Basically after my research I took a flight for Kampala. I ended up staying in Congo instead Uganda, 4 months instead 2 weeks. It took a very long time to find the rebels and get the access…but actually it has been the most exciting adventure of my life…
Now I’m in the process of selling the project in the European magazines’ editorial market.
If any of you is curious about the project you can see it on my website, MS KALASHNIKOV. Unfortunately a magazine tried to steal my photos (no comment) so there’s a password to get the access. Just drop me a line to and I’ll be happy to share the story with you.

MS Kalashnikov | Female fighters in Congolese rebel groups

I’m in Italy at the moment and I’ll stay here for 1 month to reorganize many things.

For those who are planning to be at the Festival of photojournalism Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, see you there the first week of September!

Let’s keep in touch with the blog, Twitter and Instagram!


Informazioni su francescatosarelli

Francesca Tosarelli is born in 1984. She has been living in Brasil, Italy and the UK. After a degree in History of Arts and a Master in Photography she has been working as assistant photographer for Shobha (a Contrasto reporter) in Sicily, Thailand and India. In 2010 she began her experience as freelance photographer and she's now working with Matchbox Media Collective.
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