We left Ribeira da Barca on the island of Santiago, together with José for the second chapter of production: Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente. While traveling we made a stop in the capital Praia, where another part of production has been filmed. We met with the Cape Verdean Coast Guard, and had a very informative interview with the geologist Sonia Silva at the University, about the geological and environmental effects of sand gathering and the destruction of Cape Verde’s beaches.

Da Ribeira da Barca, nell’isola di Santiago, ci siamo spostati con Josè verso il secondo capitolo della produzione: Mindelo, nell’isola di Sao Vicente.
Nel viaggio è stata fatta una tappa intermedia nella capitale di Santiago, Praia, dove un’altra parte della produzione è stata filmata. Sono stati presi i contatti con la Guardia Costiera capoverdiana, ed è stata girata un’illuminante intervista con la geologa Sonia dell’Università pubblica, sugli effetti geologici e ambientali della distruzione delle spiagge.

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Interviewing the farmers

Another problem caused by sand gathering is the salination of fresh water deposits. Salt water from the ocean seeps into the ground, destroying plantations near the coast and ruining wells. The sand functioned as a filter, and now without this buffer the farmers are experiencing a significant drop in crop productivity.

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What Ribeira da Barca could be

José brought us to Ribeira das Prata, a beach half an hour north of Ribeira da Barca. Volcanic black sand still
covers a long, wide shoreline here, and it is startlingly beautiful.
The former beaches of Ribeira da Barca and Charco, where José used to play football many years ago, covered an even wider expanse than this one.

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Day out at sea

The points of view of Ribeira da Barca’s fishermen are essential for understanding what is happening in the Cape Verdean waters. We followed a usual work day of fishing with some of the the most experienced fishermen in the village. The catch was disappointing as it often is, with just 6 fish caught. Ze Antonio and Nelson gave us a long and very interesting interview aboard their little boat.

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Sandgrains video backstage one

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Charco sand collectors

Ze and the crew go to Charco with cousin Ja, where people are gathering sand by the shore. There is none left above water so they must dig it up from the sea bed.
At the end Mirco has a quiet moment recording the sound of crashing surf.

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MatchboxMedia screening in Ribeira da Barca

Just outside our window, Jordie and Gabriel return from filming at sea. Fishermen launch their wooden boats just next to our house, which is filled with nets and fishing gear.
We showed a video of Ze playing football for a Swedish team in a bar by the square, and Mirco realized his dream of fresh lobster dinner, provided by Ze’s nephew.
Jordie makes grog cocktails during a blackout, and Ze’s brother Yuku scrubs with a fish net. The quiet pace of village life continues undisturbed by our presence.

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